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So, I’m pretty on the fence about making a Sorcery 2 guide. On one hand, there’s nothing that’s as comprehensive as I’d ideally like. On the other, there’s a pretty decent amount of stuff out there so it seems kind of not worth the effort. So, for the time being, here’s a list of helpful links:

Discussion Forum: Walkthroughs: (partial)
Tips and Tricks, Etc. :!_2_Wiki Inkle’s Challenges:


8 thoughts on “Sorcery 2! by Inkle Resources

  1. FYI, the quickgamer walkthrough is only partial and ends at the artists’ market. It does have a few details missing from the IGN walkthrough, however, so it still may be useful.


  2. If I were to write up a walkthrough, following your format, would you be interested in hosting it here? I do think players would benefit from something in the style of your other walkthroughs, examining the pros and cons of different paths. I would be happy to collaborate, in any case.


      1. Great, I got started on one and realized what a huge undertaking it would be! I’ll look forward to you posting it, and I’ll be happy to fill in any gaps if I can.


  3. If this is of any use to you, here’s what I managed to get done. {} indicates what I put in red.

    Outside Kharé

    The Beggar (Tomas) – He will want to fight you no matter what you do. Defeat him in a fist-fight, then help him. Whether or not you offer him food, you can ask him to come with you. Talk to him on the way, and he gives you some information about Goblins in the area.

    South Gate – When you reach the gate to the city, an archer will challenge you for the watchword. Let Tomas answer. {If you did not bring Tomas with you, and you have a black skullcap from Sorcery 1, cast TEL on the archer to learn the watchword.} Open the door with the key you were given at the end of Sorcery 1, or cast DOP. Let Tomas go in first, then enter. Unless you duck behind the building for shelter, you will be captured. If you manage to escape the guards, carry on to Lower Kharé.

    The Prison – You will meet a one-armed man who will teach you how to play Swindlestones. You will have the opportunity to play many more games during your time in Kharé, gaining gold and clues along the way. You can stop after one game (no stakes) or continue to play for gold. You can then escape using DOP or choose to spend the night here (stay awake, or the old man will steal from you). {If you stay overnight, look up at the cliff on your way into the city and discover the body of a Black Elf wearing a + Black Facemask. Then proceed to Crossroads.}

    Lower Kharé

    Junction – Go right if given the option (if you haven’t been to prison, going left will get you captured). You will need to sleep at one of the following locations:

    The Inn – A room costs 7 gold, or you can play Swindlestones with the innkeeper to cover the cost. No food is available for sale.

    Outside – You will be attacked in the night by a Werewolf. After you kill it, it will revert to human form. Prise open the armor and examine the body to find a tattoo that reads “VIK”.

    Crossroads / The Next Morning – A cart will rush by and drop a crate containing + 4 Blimberry potions. Take them all.

    From here on, the paths you choose make a big difference. There are three basic options depending on your next move, but some of the paths can double back and intersect.

    Path A: Turn Right

    Chainmaker’s Hut – You can steal a few items here before the Chainmaker catches you. Along the left wall you can find 3 gold. Near the door you can find a copper key (if you did not obtain one in Sorcery 1) or a + Vial of Glue. Along the right wall you can find a + Blimberry potion. The chainmaker will eventually barge in on you, but you can talk your way out of a fight. Ask him about the North Gate and he will tell you it’s locked by a spell with four lines known to four Nobles. You can buy a + Silver Chain from him for 5 gold.

    Walk On – Stop to eat when given the option. Upon standing, you will find a piece of paper written by Second Noble Moulas with half of his spell line.

    The Crowd – Enter the Festival of Thieves.

    End of the Midway – Pay 1 gold to enter the Small Tent. Cast SAP on the man inside to steal his + Green Haired Wig.

    Middle of the Midway – Nothing worthwhile here at the moment

    Top of the Midway – Visit the musicians and cast JIG to enliven their dance. You will befriend Jeera. Ask about the Nobles and he will tell you about a scholar named Lorag who lives in the Red Quarter near Fireview Square. He will invite you to have dinner later at the Meat and Cleaver.

    While here, you can also bet on the Bare-Knuckle Fighting or challenge the winner yourself to obtain some gold. Do not proceed to the End of the Midway or you will have to exit the fair at the north end and miss a lot of opportunities. Head back south instead.

    {There is a random chance to encounter Flanker the Assassin (if you spared his life in Sorcery 1) when exiting the fair to the south. He will invite you to meet him at the Wayfarer’s Rest later.}

    Slip out of the Fair – Get attacked by a thug. Kill him and search his body for 2 gold and 3 gambling chips.

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  4. Do you still have any plans on making Sorcery! 2 walkthrough? For other parts of this game, your walkthroughs are the best ones^^


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