Sorcery 3! by Inkle Guide and Walkthrough

This guide is divided up according to the general locations on the map. Stuff that is particularly hard to find or easy to miss is in red. A bolded item preceded by a + means that it’s a potential loot item you can get from that location/character. Note that most locations change based on past or present. This post contains the following:

  1. Map of the Baklands
  2. General Game Information
  3. Encounters, Characters and Items
  4. Defeating the Seven Serpents

Also, see here for a full list of known spells and counterspells. Here is a useful item guide to for the game. Oh, and this is a great forum to discuss the game and talk about various speed runs, etc.

Map of the Baklands

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General Information

Some basic stuff about your journey:

  • Completion Time: Depending on how long you take to complete the game and whether you killed the Serpents, you will get a different blurb regarding whether the Archmage has caught wind of what’s going on. What this means with regards to the next installment is yet to be seen.
    • 5 or Less Days – “You may yet be able to arrive in secret. Even if the Archmage has other messengers than the Serpents, it is unlikely they have traveled faster than you.”
    • 8 or Less Days – “Should the Archmage have other, more secret messengers than the Serpents, they may be with you on the road.”
    • 9 Days or Greater (no known upper limit) – The message has gotten to the Archmage 😦
  • Potential Gods: The Gods you can find here are:
    • Ca-oth, God of Peace. I’m not sure if you can actually follow this guy. If anyone has found a way, please report back! CTRL+F “Ca-Oth” for more details about this interaction.
    • Yb’ran, God of Gods. “Yb’ran the Life-Changer is God of the Gods: a truly supreme being – supremely powerful, and supremely distant.” “You may pay to Yb’ran, though as God of Gods, he can offer little aid. He can do little good for mere mortals.” Reportedly, he only heals you for 2 stamina when you pray to him.
      • To convert, mess around with the idol you find on the island with the hut on it in present-day  (on Lake Ilkalala). Say “I do” regarding wanting to convert, offer him nothing, and then say “I do” to the rest of his questions. He will ask you if you want to convert at this point, but even if you say no, he will become your deity.
      • Some people have reported to have been deserted by this deity at the end of the game; not sure what triggers this.
    • Throff, God of the Earth.
      • To convert, go to the Fallen Temple in the lower part of the Steppes. When you save the priest there, he will ask if you want to follow Throff.
    • Spirit Animal. Additionally, you can change back to following your animal spirit (Ape, Camel, Gorilla, etc.):
      • During the daytime, shine a beacon on the plateau leading up to the Baddu-bak Mountain Ridge (where the Moon Serpent and Deathwraith Illusionist show up)
      • When you’re in the right place, you will get the message that “the slopes of the mountain burst into sudden colour. Ropes slung with prayer-flags of all colours criss-cross overhead.” Look at the flags, and it will tell you they form a triangle and you can inspect the points
      • On the lower end, touch the close eye symbol and look up to LOSE your deity
      • Go to the top corner and touch the open eye symbol to GAIN your animal spirit
  • Unique Items: These items you can usually only get once (with a few exceptions). so if you already have it, you (generally) can’t get it repeatedly.
    • Black Facemask
    • Gold-Backed Mirror
    • Green Ring
    • Galehorn
    • Pearl Ring
    • Brass Pendulum
    • Crystal Orb
    • Staff of Oak Sapling
    • Jewel-Studded Medallion
    • Jewel of Gold
    • Rock Demon Tooth
    • Serpent’s Ring
    • Dice

Increasing Your Max Stamina: There are a handful of opportunities to increase your max stamina:

  1. Klattaman Battle (+1 Stamina) – When you are in the Klattaman settlement, sit down at the fire and you’ll end up battling in the Arena. Win and the Shaman will give you +1 Max Stamina.
  2. Knightfin Soup (+1 Stamina) – You need to have gotten the scroll from the Flayer’s Hut in Sorcery 2! in order for this to work. There’s a cook in Kariamma. When you show the cook this scroll, they will be able to make Knightfin Soup for you. When you come back to drink it, it will increase your stats by +1 Max Stamina.
  3. TUF Spell (+4 Stamina) – This is described in greater detail below (CTRL+F “TUF Spell“). You need to first get the Yellow Feather from the mines in Karimma. Then, you need to learn the TUF spell by going to the Circle of Stones at night, standing on the center stone and looking up to the sky. Then during the day, cast TUF with the Yellow Feather in your inventory. Do not let go of the feather. You will gain +4 Max Stamina.

Encounters and Items 

Lower Ishtara Encounters

Lower Ishtara Beacon — This beacon tower appears in the present but the beacon itself is only accessible in the past. Once you’ve encountered Shadrack and the area switches to the past, you’ll be able to climb the vines to get in (choose the Move on, or Climb Up option). (See Shadrack below)

Small Bridge  There’s a small bridge linking to Upper Ishtara that is crumbled in the present. You can cross it by casting the beacon at it, or by casting the spells OAL and HUF. (There’s a manticore in the fissure there; if you haven’t defeated it yet, it won’t let you cast those spells yet.)

Tree with Rope Ladder — There’s a dry-looking tree out here in the present. Climb the rope to get + Rope Ladder. It is a healthy tree in the past (see Elthera, below).

Elthera — You meet Elthera in two places, under the tree (past) and in the cliff wall (past). Both encounters will net you some clues. You can also visit her cave in the cliff wall in the present and gain clues  (see instructions).

+ Swindlestones Dice. You get them if you win. Haven’t found a use for these yet.

Elthera’s Cave (Past/Present). Right at the beginning (present) you’ll pass by a collapsed cave in the cliffs. You can get into this cave from the very beginning. When you are at the top of the cliff, cast the FAL spell, jump, and grab a shrub. (If you have the Rope Ladder from Sorcery 2!, that will get you in as well). You can get + Dice as well as one item. If you don’t have it, it will be the + Black Facemask, but what you get depends on what you already have (could be a rope ladder, Serpent’s Ring, etc.). If you have everything, you’ll get + Pebble. Go in and cast BIG to be able to push around the rocks to be able to inspect the back room. If you have a light source, you will be able to get clues. You will also see the remnants of a shattered Crystal Orb. If you later revisit, you can uncollapse Elthera’s Cave to go back in and get the same things listed previously, but also a + Crystal Orb. Instructions:

In the past, visit Elthera’s cave and go to the back in the room with the glyphs. You can collect + Rock Dust here and get + Dice. (Optional: If you cast SUS, it will hint to you that Elthera can provide you with information long after she’s died.) Cast the spell ROK to harden the metal in the crack in the walls.

Return it to present, and revisit Elthera’s cave when it is no longer collapsed. To get in there, go to the base of the cliff and you can use ZIP (requires the green ring, you can get from Bria) or ZEN. Or, you can also go to the top of the cliff, cast the FAL spell, jump, and grab a shrub.  By doing so, you can get + Crystal Orb and read a poem that includes a number of clues about the Seven Serpents. However, the problem now is that the path up to it only existed in the past.

A slightly complicated option to get in present-day is to carefully position the beacon so that only the path is in the past (and the cave is in the present). From there, go to the cliff base and use HUF (requires the Galehorn, you’ll get from Shadrack) and grab the bush as you are blown upwards.

Shadrack/Fish-tail Rock — The King’s note tells you to look for Shadrack. You can find Shadrack at the Fish-tail Rock. Get clues from him. 

+ Galehorn. He’ll leave this for you in the cave when he departs. Used for the HUF spell. 

Steaming Holes / Giant Tooth Pendant — You can get a + Giant Tooth Pendant where the steaming holes (present) are. Two ways:

Option 1. Look into the holes and cast SUS. Sense that they are filled with steam. When you reach into the holes, your character will wait for the steam to come out and grab the pendent. If you don’t cast SUS, you’ll just get burned.

Option 2. Summon a goblin with GOB (requires a Goblin’s tooth) and he’ll grab it for you.

Bria the Sorceress/Bria’s Tombstone — Bria is a sorceress that once worked for (and was in love with) Xamen and was later killed by him. She has a + Green Ring (used for the ZIP spell) which you can get from her either in the past and or in the present form. You won’t get it twice so you only need to do one. The two encounters with Bria are:

Present-Day Bria Remains/Bria’s Tombstone. You need Holy Water to do this. On the path way up the mountain ridge, you can find a pipe in the ground. You won’t be able to pull it up. This is Bria’s Tomb. Once you have Holy Water, you can cast RES, and then you can pour the Holy Water into the pipe in the ground. Nothing will happen, so then Turn Back and when you do her corpse will reanimate and grab your leg. (You can cast TEL to talk to the corpse and get clues.) When the spell is over, check over the corpse and grab the + Green Ring

Bria the Sorcess/Bria’s Hut (Past). Once you are in the past, you can visit Bria’s Hut at the top of the mountain ridge pass. She can teach you spells, tell you about countering and give you clues. As you are drinking tea, her tea-cup will leak, and she will bring out a + Vial of Glue, which you are welcome to pocket. If you counter her spells correctly twice, she will give you the + Green Ring. The two spells she’ll throw at you are ZIP (counter with GUM, the glue spell; you can use the glue she brought out previously) and ROK (counter with FAL, the floating spell). If you cast GUM, you will use up the Vial of Glue. (In the present, you can find a + Serpent’s Ring here). 

Counterspell. When you enter her hut, depending on if you what you say to her, she will cast either JIG or SUN at you. Tell her, “I don’t know the counter” so she will teach you the counterspell. If you tell her you already know it, she won’t. 

Learning Counterspells. If you already have the Green Ring, I would recommend NOT learning the counterspells here since you won’t get it twice. You will be able to learn counterspells when you meet Vancass on the big bridge. That way you can end up with the counterspells and the Vial of Glue.

SSS Spell. When talking to Bria, she will also teach you the SSS spell and tell you need the the Serpent’s Ring. The Serpent’s Ring can be imported in from Sorcery 2! (from Theetah). You can also get the ring from the beacon located in Snatta Forest (with the tree branch growing through it). (CTRL+F “Serpent’s Ring“). 

ZOB Spell. Bria will also tell you the ZOB spell if you ask. She tells you it, and all summoning spells, requires “OB” and begins with the the most powerful star (which is Z). 

Rock Demon/Rock Demon Tooth (Present) – When you start walking up the the mountain ridge pass, the stones will start moving, and you’ll be able to get a + Pebble. You are actually on the back of the Rock Demon. Fight it to get + Crystal / Rock Demon Tooth It is heavy and you will have -2 Max Stamina while you are carrying it. You can sell it for lots of moolah later or use it for the ZOB spell. (CTRL+F “Rock Demon“).  As a reminder, you can only have one of the Rock Demon Tooth at a time, so don’t bother trying to get it twice!

Giant Woodcutter (Past) – In the clearing (where Bria’s tombstone is in the present) leading up to the mountain ridge pass, you’ll come across a Giant who is cutting wood. Watch him for a little bit (do not approach immediately) and you can find an + Empty Gourd.  (Right before you meet him you can forage for berries to get + Ration, and he will jokingly tell you they are poisonous, but they’re not.)

Idol Near the Small Bridge (Past) — This appears as a small mound in the present but turns into a small idol in the past. You can get +Beeswax (used in spellcasting) and a light meal of honey if you have a Bamboo Pipe. Insert the pipe into the idol’s mouth. First, blow into the pipe and then suck the pipe. Bees will come out  but it doesn’t matter. If you don’t blow/suck correctly, you’ll only get honey. 

Boy-Thief — This kid is annoying and pops up in various locations around lower Ishtara.  I’ve had him appear regardless of time of day. He’ll tell you that you dropped something and return it. When he leaves, you’ll see that he’s stolen something. None of the dialogue options prevent it. If you encounter him, the only thing you can do is to rewind and try again. If anyone has a solution regarding this, please share! He often steals the Black Facemask

Recovering the Black Facemask. I’m not sure about other items that are stolen, but if your Black Facemask gets stolen, you can get it back when you dig up the skull in Upper Ishtara (located near the center of Upper Ishtara).  You can also get another one at the Fallen Temple when you rescue the priest. Point is,  if rewinding to avoid this kid is wasting too much of your time, you might just let him have it and recover it elsewhere. 

Whirlpool — At the Whirlpool, you’ll see a creature and find out he stole something from you, usually the Black Facemask, if you have it. If not, it’s often the Galehorn. I’ve found that the easiest way to avoid this is just to Ignore the sound completely when you pass by the Whirlpool. (In other words, by the time you’ve identified that it’s a Whirlpool, it’s too late. Rewind the game and ignore the sound and walk past it.) 

Sun Serpent. If you have it, tossing the Sun Serpent Orb in here is a quick and easy way to get rid of it, though the best way is to toss the Orb into the Water Serpent’s mouth.  

Upper Ishtara Encounters

Upper Ishtara Beacon – This beacon only exists in the past, though the blue crystal is there in the present, and if you dig it out (will dull your blade) and you can use it to teleport. To enter, you need a key; you will obtain this at some point when you are attacked by a Despair Snake and a key falls out when you win. The inside has Darkvines which you will need to cut down so that the hatch to get up to the top is accessible. Inside the beacon, you can find a + Blimberry Potion and + Essence of Bark. If you don’t have a key, you can also get to the top by using a Rope Ladder, but you still won’t be able to open the hatch.

Centaur (present) — The centaur provides various pieces of information. If they depart peacefully, you can pick up a + Hefty Arrow from the ground. If you goad them into a fight and defeat them, you get + Sun Jewel as well (even if you spare the last one). If you want to fight them, suggest that you help each other and offer to bless them with a LUK spell and do something fake. They don’t always attack for some reason. 

Manata The Snake Charmer Pit (present) — There’s a pit towards the upper left side of this area where you’ll find a guy who has a bunch of snakes. If you climb in, they’ll attack, but they’re pretty weak. You can get + Holy Water from him once he’s defeated.

Unfinished Tower (past) – In the location where the Snake Charmer Pit was in the present, in the past was once a tower that was under construction. You can find a + Empty Gourd here as well as a + Hewing Axe if you didn’t already have one. The construction workers have a blue crystal with them. If you touch it, you can teleport. 

Dintainta, Sorceress of the Slopes / The Gnome / The Sham (present) — There’s a wandering gnome that appears at some point and will transform into a woman. She’ll ask you for a gift. A bad gift will be rejected. A meh gift will net you no reward. A good gift will result in her giving you a good gift (a Sun Jewel or Giant’s Tooth both work and you probably have extras, other things will work too). The good gift people usually get is a + Staff of Oak Sapling. Alternatively, if you already know her identity and address her by it, you don’t need to give her anything. You can find her identity out from the Scroll from the Black Elves’ Caravan or by asking the serpents (using SSS). You will get a message at the end of the game noting whether or not you encountered her. 

The Sleeping Ram. In the second game, you may have received the following tip: “For sleeping of the Sleepless Ram; Seek out the one they call The Sham” If so, you can ask her about it. Presumably, her hint will be relevant in Sorcery 4!

Black Elves Caravan — The Black Elves are traders that are not very nice. They support the Archmage, so be careful what you say. When you get there, join them at the fire to get the Trader’s Hut location. If you are in the kitchen and you mention the Seven Serpents, you will be in trouble and get attacked, but in the following conversations, you’ll get some clues. (Cast GAK or ZEN and you’ll be fine, but exiled.) Note that your actions and the dialogue options here can majorly affect the wager prices for Swindlestones and for the prices of goods. The things you can buy are as follows: + Pearl Ring, + Crystal Orb, + Brass Pendulum, + Bag of Vittles (4 Rations), + Holy Water, + Snake Antidote, + Scroll, + Leather Spellbook. You can also steal the + Chainmail Armor

+ Leather Spellbook (ZOB Spell). The Leather Spellbook in the Trader’s Hut contains the ZOB spell, which is the Rock Demon summoning spell. This spell requires a Rock Demon Tooth. (You can also learn this spell from Bria the Sorceress.) Do not look at the spell page before buying it if you are planning on paying for it, because he will notice your interest in the book and the price will skyrocket. Instead, look at it and close the book — he will think you are disinterested and the price will be lowered. Yay. Note that this book makes for good kindling if you want to explore the Kariamma Tunnels (any other fire source other than burning your main spellbook will burn out too quickly). 

Trader’s Hut Discounts. [If this is a completely new character and not imported from Sorcery 2!, then your prices are low to begin with. Also, you will have the option to buy the chainmail.] There are many ways to decrease prices, the last of which is stealing two items. Also, you can sell your Legendary Sword for something like 55 gold or so, but you will not be able to steal it back, so beware. 

1. The Scroll. The first thing you should do at the store is to buy the + Scroll. It is 2 Gold Pieces. Ask Oolooh To Read it to You.  Once he explains it, tell him it wasn’t worth 2 Gold Pieces. He will say that he’ll consider giving you a discount on other things. All the prices drop by about 25% (most things will cost 12 instead of 16 gold). 

2. The Pearl Ring. You can get this for 10 gold. After getting the discount, the price drops to 15. If you try to pocket it, you have the option of causing a distraction which will cause some stuff to topple. Help him, when you go to cause a distraction again, he will stop you and offer you it for 10 gold. 

3. The Axe. I don’t know how many things you need to buy, but if you’ve bought a few things (at least three, may be more), he’ll let you have this for free for being a good customer! Yay! You can also find one at the Unfinished Tower, though. 

4. Stealing Items. To steal, you need to buy the + Brass Pendulum, and cast NAP to put the shopkeeper to sleep. or you can buy the + Pearl Ring and cast YAZ (invisibility).  Either way, you can only steal two items before someone shows up or you get caught (do this last). The + Chainmail Armor you can only get by stealing (if you imported the game), so that’s number one. If you want the vials, you can take all of them at once when you’re stealing. If you used NAP, when the guard comes, say of course you paid for it, but you don’t know what’s up with him, he’s ill and has itchy eyes.  

Swindlestone Wagers. Each time you play and win, the wager goes down. If you indicate to them you’re poor, the wagers for Swindlestones will start at 6, then 4 and then 3 for the third game. If you indicate that you have some money to spend, the wagers will be 10, 6 and 4. 

Crooked Hut (past) —  Where the Blackelves are in the present is a small hut in the past. During the day, you can talk to the boy, cast FAR to do some fortune-telling, and read his future to learn about Ishtara. At night, you can go into the hut and get + Dice.

Deathwraith Illusionist  — This idiot shows up as you head towards where the Moon Serpent is. He appears as a Deathwraith, but it’s an illusion. The easiest way to defeat him is to “shake your head” when it’s an option. You can also cast the counterspell, DIM (which causes stupidity) against his KID spell. This will allow you to learn this counter. You get + Yellow Powder and + Chakram (throwing disc) from him. 

Head in the Field (Past) – To the left of field with the house on it, there’s a head. You probably came across the skull back in the present, but in the past he’s alive and well. He wants water. If you dig him out (cast BIG to make the process easier), and you are a female, he will propose marriage. If you say yes, you get a + Pearl Ring. Then he will scamper off like a bum. 

Butcher of Baddu-Bak (Past) – She’ll come rolling past selling expensive meat. You can buy it off her (very expensive) or rob her. If you attack and rob her, you end up with + 3 Joints of Raw Meat. You can also cast GOD on her, take everything, and tell her to leave. One last option is to cast YAZ (invisibility, requires pearl ring), get in her cart and take stuff that way (+ 4 Joints of Raw Meat). From there, if the bridge is completed (past)the cart takes you to the bridge across the forest. If the bridge is in ruins (present), you’ll end up at the place where the bridge breaks off (right above the place where you meet Flanker).

The Carved Statue / Ca-oth, God of Peace / Archmage’s Mother (Past) – If you shine the beacon so that the back wall of this area reveals a statue, head over to this area to come across a pregnant woman. As you talk to Ca-oth, he will tell you that she is the Archmage’s mother and say that if you kill her then your mission is over. You can choose to kill her or not. Either way, your decisions here cannot be reversed. You can rewind back in time, but each time you come back to Ca-oth you will not be able to change your answers. Note that even if you choose to kill the Archmage’s mother, you won’t actually be able to do it. I don’t know if selecting the “draw your sword” option has some other type of effect though.

Kariamma (Past) – Kariamma is a small town to the upper right of the Ishara area. There’s a kitchen and a fire. At night there are sleeping huts. At the fire, you can chat and the location of the tunnels will appear. You can also get + Sand (x2) from the fire (the pebbles are too hot to pick up). 

The Kitchen. The cook here sells soup. If you a scroll from the Flayer’s Hut in Sorcery 2! then you can ask her to make a special soup for you. When you show the cook this scroll, she will recognize the recipe and will be able to make Knightfin Soup for you. You can grab + Flask of Oil while you’re here. When you come back to drink it, it will increase your stats by +1 Max Stamina

The Tunnels. The main point of the tunnels (as far as I know) is really to get the collossal + Yellow Feather for the TUF spell and there is a + Crystal / Rock Demon Tooth at the end as well. The easiest way I’ve found is to go in, get to the altar, and cause a cave. After the cave in, find a way to end up on the other side. Once there, light up something small and be sure to “look around” right after to get the manticore + Yellow Feather. You can get to this same post-cave in point by being beat up by the Stranglebush in Snatta Forest (CTRL+F “Stranglebush“). 

Light. If you want enough light to look around the side-passage and read the mural, you’ll need to burn a spellbook, either your own or the extra spellbook that you can get from the Black Elves. You can’t use a spell for light and burning anything other than a spellbook, you will be told it “won’t burn for long.” However, you don’t really need to do that to get the feather, so I’d recommend burning the book and then rewinding. You can get + Sand from the ground if you have light.

The Murals and Artifact. If you burn your spellbook, you can take a look around and see some murals. I’m not entirely sure what they mean yet. Leave a comment if you think you know! Either way, as far as I have heard, no, you will not be able to leave with the Artifact (the Galehorn) intact.

The Klatta-Bak Steppes Encounters

The Steppes Beacon —  This beacon is only accessible in the past. So, if you end up in it in the present, you will need to ZIP (teleport) in order to get out. This will land you on top of the mountains next to you, and you’ll end up in the water eventually.

The Storm (Present) — At some point soon after entering the Steppes, you’ll end up in a storm (you notice you’re in the eye of the storm). Grab on to your stuff or some of it will fly away. You’ll get -2 stamina but it’s better than losing your stuff.

The Priest and his Pole (Present) — You can get the + Jewel-Studded Medallion here. He’ll toss it down to lend to you so you can cast ZEN to get up, but will get eaten by a bird before he comes down, so you can keep it.  You can also cast HUF at him at learn the HUF and NIF counterspell.  (It’s been reported that you can also find a way to grab on to the bird and get dropped off in the forest, but I haven’t been able to do this. It might have to do with whether or not you have the Medallion in your possession before encountering the Priest.) Travel NW from here (into the forest) to climb up a tree and obtain a + Jewel of Gold.

+ Holy Water. If you have a gourd of water on you when you visit the priest on the pole, he will bless it for you.

The Fallen Temple (Present) and the Priest of Throff — So, I’m not too sure what the deal with the Temple is. I wasn’t able to find a way to keep it from collapsing. If you cast SUS inside, it will warn you that reciting the chant on the walls is a trap unless you are a follower.

Priest of Throff (Shalla) and the Yellow Plague. After you see the trap door (outside the temple) and go down, you’ll find the Priest. He’s chained up. If you search the room, you’ll get the + Black Facemask if you don’t have it already. Otherwise, you find a + Pebble. If you free him, when he hugs you, he will give you the Yellow Plague. To prevent this, cast FOF while he is still chained up. That way, when he hugs you, he will hug the force field instead. If you don’t and end up getting the plague, the easiest way to get rid of it is to pray or drink Blimberry juice. You can also get rid of the plague by casting DOC. To get a small + Stamina boost, tell him “I need no repayment” when he’s thanking you for saving him (you’ll suddenly feel better when he says that). He will answer your questions regardless. 

Converting to Throff. After you save the Priest, you have the option of converting to have Throff as your God. Throff can help you with the Earth Serpent. One somewhat useful thing that Throff, Goddess of Earth, is good for is allowing you to walk on the marshy floor for a while if you need to.  Othewise, I didn’t see much of a point to him. I prefer Courga.

The Well. There’s + Fistful of Gems in the well walls. For best results at the Well, first lower the bucket all the way (lower it twice), raise it and kill the Serpent. Once that’s done lower it all the way back down before climbing it to dig out the gems so that they collect in the bucket at the bottom of the well. Pull it out; if you don’t have gems the size of a “cat,” you didn’t lower the bucket all the way. 

The Well (past). In the past, the temple is not there, there’s just a well. There’s not much you can do. A guy climbs out. You have the option to toss the Sun Serpent in there, though I don’t think that’s the best option. (CTRL+F “Sun Serpent.)

Buried Body / Tattooed Head (present) — You can dig up this body and get a + Whistle. The whistle is used to call the ferryman at Lake Ilklala. If you keep digging and do not bury the body, its skeleton will walk off. If you have a Water Gourd, you can then gather the water and find out that now you have + Holy Water

Wandering Klattamen (present) — A group of Klattamen will attack you somewhere on the Steppes. They have + Jewel of Gold, + Sand and a little gold. Even if you don’t have a Jewel of Gold on you, you can still cast GOD to avoid fighting them, because they have one. And then you can get it from them. 

Klattamen Village (Present) The Klattaman people seem scary but are actually pretty harmless in the village. Cast BIG to be let inside, but you can just push your way in even if you don’t. Klattaman Village’s hammocks are a great place to rest. The fire is only accessible after nightfall. You need to visit it to then to be able to visit the Arena. Once you win at the Arena, you’ll go to the Shaman who can give you tips on the weaknesses of the Serpents and will give you +1 Max Stamina (!).

Large Hut. This is where the blacksmith is working. From him, you get a + Compass. The compass can be used on the island with the beacon on it on Lake Ilklala to get through the dense forest.  He can also craft some things for you if you happen to have the right things. You can also get a + Whistle with some effort (grab it, you’ll tell him to release you and then cast YAZ or GAK). (You can get a Whistle elsewhere as well, CTRL+F “Whistle“). 

The Seven Spirits (present) — The Seven Spirits are actually an embodiment of the Serpent of Time. You find them in the ruins of the circle of stones close to where the beacon is in the Steppes. 

The Ritual/Chant. If you just let them do their ritual and you die and are brought back, note that you can no longer rewind past this point. You will also not be able to do anything else with them. It does, however, flip some of the surrounding areas into the past, permitting you to get access to the Steppes beacon. 

Killing the Time Serpent (Major Spoiler). You can kill the Time Serpent here, but only if you have not gone through the Ritual/Chant with the Seven Spirits. To do so, you need to cast two spells at very specific times. At all other times, you will either be physically unable to do so, or there will be no stars. First, tell them to Tell me the chant, and cast MAG after they tell you the first line of the Chant instead of repeating it. Then, when you have the opportunity, cast either JIG or FIX something else to kill it. 

Note that if you kill the Time Serpent this way, you will need to use the light from the Snatta Forest Beacon to shine onto the Steppes beacon in order to access it.

The Circle of Stones (past) — If you do some fortune-telling you’ll get the following fortune at one point: “A ring of tall, shadowy stones in a desolate waste. You stand at their centre, holding above your head a long yellow feather, taken from some collosal bird. You are casting a spell of curious power…” In the past, the Circle of Stones is still intact. If managed correctly, you can get +4 Max Stamina here. You will need the Yellow Feather from the Kariamma Tunnel. The “yellow feather” from the forest will not work, and if you pick it up you will not be able to pick up the one from the Tunnel. Instuctions:

TUF Spell. At nightfall, stand on the center stone and look up to the sky. You will learn the TUF spell. This does not work during the day. 

+4 Max Stamina. To enact this spell, you need to get the Yellow Feather from the mines of Kariamma. Then during the day, go to the Circle of Stone and cast the TUF spell. Do not let go of the feather. That’s it! 🙂

The Beetles (present) — Towards the middle of this area, you’ll come across a sign in mixed caps where a beetle will attack you.

The Forest of Snatta Encounters

* Note: Before you head into the forest, consider picking up the + Axe from the Black Elves in present-day Upper Ishtara (you can even get it for free if you are buying a lot of stuff or stealing it) or at the Unfinished Tower construction site (past, Upper Ishtara). There are quite a few places where it will come in handy to prevent you from getting injured or from having to dull your weapon. 

Forest of Snatta Beacon —  In present-day, you will need ZEN to get over the water to access this beacon . The beacon here is covered in branches. You can cast HOT to blast them off. There’s still a branch growing through it. If you don’t have it yet, you can find the + Serpent’s Ring here, though the ring will fall and you’ll find it nearby. You can also get the SSS spell if you read the carvings as you go up to the tower.

Stranglebush Tree  This is easily dealt with by the axe. However, if you let it do it’s thing and just struggle against it, you will end up at the end of the Kariamma Mines. Light something and you can get + Yellow Feather and + Crystal / Rock Demon Tooth. Carrying the tooth is heavy (-2 max stamina), but it can be sold or used with the ZOB spell. 

Forest Glade (Present) — On the left-side path, after the Stranglebush tree, you’ll encounter a glade where you have the option to forage. You have a limited amount of time before you get dragged away by a Snattacat. The stuff from the tree takes a little longer than the rest so if you want the + Egg (+ Ration) and the + Yellow Feather, you’re only going to be able to get two items, tops.In addition to  the egg, berries, sand, and pebbles, The options are as follows: 

+ Yellow Feather. A yellow feather is required for the  TUF spell (CTRL+F “TUF“), but this one will not work. The spell requires a feather from a “colossal” creature and this one is from a small bird. Furthermore, once you have this feather, you can’t pick up the one that does work (found in the mines) (CTRL+F “Yellow Feather“). 

+ Six-Lobed Leaf. This is a curious item. Haven’t found a use for it yet other than burning it in the tunnel, but the character notes that it might be useful for something later. 

+ Mushrooms — at the edge of the pond bordering the beacon in this area, you can do some foraging and find mushrooms. But don’t eat them, they are poisonous!

Flanker the Assassin/Remains of the Big Bridge (Present) — You may remember Flanker from the days before you crossed the North Gate. You will come across him when you climb the remains of the big bridge in present day. You can kill him here and get his + Assassin’s Sword (+4) now, or he will gift it to you at the end of the game when you are on Xamen Road. He will likely make an appearance in Sorcery 4! so it’s probably unwise to kill him. Also, if you have Courga as a God, she will depart immediately. 

Missing Weapon. When you climb the remains of the Big Bridge (present), you will need to leave your main weapon. When you get back down, it will be gone. Don’t worry. You’ll get it back very soon. Just head on over to the small hut just above the right-side remains of the bridge (Aliizi’s Hut). See Aliizi, below. 

Jewel of Gold / Beard / Forest Path (Present) — (This is only available after you’ve had the encounter with the Priest and the Pole in the Steppes where the bird came and ate him.) At the Northeastern point of the forest path, you have an option to Climb a Tree. If you do so, you’ll find ragged cloth and eventually a + Jewel of Gold and + Beard. (These are apparently the remains of the priest.) No clue yet what use the beard has. 

Fenestra the Sorceress (Present) — Fenestra is a Sorceress whose father was killed by the Water Serpent. She can tell you the Water and Sun Serpent’s weaknesses (oil and fire, respectively). She can give you + Vial of Oil to help you defeat the Water Serpent if you inquire about the weaknesses.  You can get a crystal orb containing the + Sun Serpent by simply asking about it, looking at it and just Take the Orb. She’ll ask you to promise to kill it. 

+ Jewel-Studded Medallion. If you release the Sun Serpent in her hut, it will be destroyed and you can get a + Jeweled-Studded Medallion, if you don’t mind being a jerk. Also, the Sun Serpent is more easily defeated by being dropped in water so this may be not ideal for a number of reasons.

+ Whistle. If you tell Fenestra you are going to Lake Ilklala, she will sell you the Ferryman’s Whistle for 10 gold (or haggle for 6).  

+ Sun Serpent Orb, + Serpent’s Ring, + Staff of Oak Sapling, + Etc. You can get Aliizi (see below) to steal one thing from Fenestra. You can’t choose what, but it looks like you get what the game thinks you need the most. It looks like she generally steals a unique item. So, you get the Orb if you didn’t take it with you. If you did, then you get the Ring if you don’t have that yet. If you have them both, then you’ll get the Staff of Oak Sapling. I don’t know what comes after that. Courga will disapprove, but you can get things you need this way. 

Killing the Sun Serpent and Water Serpent. The best way to kill these two is to toss the Sun Serpent Orb into the mouth of the Water Serpent when you come across it.

Aliizi and Aliizi’s Hut (Present) — If your weapon has been stolen from near the bridge pillar, it is now here. You will also find + Holy Water and some clues about the weaknesses of the Serpents. To meet Aliizi, you will need to wait until night and rest in the hut.  Aliizi is a girl who drinks Snattacat milk and has gained the ability to become invisible when she closes her eyes. If you take her over to Fenestra’s hut and ask her if she’s met Fenestra, you’ll be able to ask her to steal something for you (see above) No matter what you do, Aliizi will disappear once you get away from the hut. 

Marsh Goblins (Past) — This crew of goblins appears in various locations in the marshlands in the past (what is the present-day Snatta Forest area). To get the + Parchment (describing the Time Serpent’s Weakness) from them, cast RAP (with the green-haired wig), and demand it, telling them that you are a sorcerer. You can kill them if you want, and you’ll get the same parchment along with some gold and + Goblin’s Teeth

Reading the Parchment.  Once you have the parchment, you won’t be able to read it. Lorag (from Sorcery 2!) will show up in a dream and ask to look at it before disappearing again. When he reappears he will tell you what it says. Alternatively, Fenestra can translate it for you as well. 

Vancass the Bridge-Keeper (Past) — When you are on the bridge, you’ll come across Vancass on the left side. You can learn a bunch of counter spells from him just by casting them at him. He will ask for a toll, if you want to pass. 

Tinpang and The Harbour Encounters

Tinpang Beacon —  This beacon is pretty straightforward.

Skeleton / Ferryman’s Hut — There’s a hut right above where the Earth Serpent shows up. It is located around the right exit off the big bridge. When you search the hut, you’ll find his skeleton pinned to the door.  You can cast RES and TEL on him if you want to find out what his story is. If you cut him down you can also get + Ferryman’s Whistle, but Courga will be displeased.

Earth Serpent — This Serpent is located in the fissure / pit right when you exit off the bridge into this area. Cast SSS, then HUF (requires the Galehorn) and then strangle it. Don’t let it land. You get + Stone Dust after you kill this guy.

Still-Sitting Cat (Present)  In the lower part of the city, there is a cat. If you cast HOT in its presence, you can get a + Jewel of Gold.

Upper Ruins (Present) – Search this area for + 3 Snattacat’s Teeth.

Sleeping Giant (Present) — In the upper part of the city, you will come across this guy. You can take his + Teeth, but they will turn into human teeth. The dentist who buys teeth will refuse to buy them because he says if he doesn’t know their provenance, then they are unreliable.

Dentist (Past) — If you go through the Toothed Door or Tongue’d Door, there’s a dentist that buys and sells teeth. Yes, the two doors go to the same place and yes, according to the devs, it’s on purpose.  Don’t forget to haggle there. He is also willing to buy your teeth. You can buy + Firefox Teeth and + Snattacat’s Teeth from him. If you sell your tooth and come back in the present to that area, then you can take your tooth back.

Smoking Building (Past) – The building is a factory that you enter in the day time to get + Yellow Powder by asking for it. The building is located close to where the beacon is (slightly to the left of the dentist), so if it’s not appearing on your map, it might be because you need to adjust the light since it might still be stuck in the past.

Stalls at the Harbour  There are three stalls you can choose from:

Fish seller. Sells cooked fish (+ Rations).

Fruit seller. Sells fruit, in other words cheaper + Rations

Bottle seller. You will only get to meet him once. You can buy + Blimberry Juice and + Holy Water from this guy, but they’re both expensive.

Lake Ilklala and the Road to Xamen Encounters

Lake Ilklala Beacon Island — The shore of this island is only accessible in the present. This beacon has a Grimalkin that shoots fireballs at you. A Grimalkin is a magical construction that gathers magic. You can use the Compass (obtained from the blacksmith in the Klattamen Village) to find your way to the beacon. You can get + Firefox Teeth from this island if you are attacked by and defeat the Firefox that roams around here.

Sightmaster Island —  On the Island closest to the shore (the one with a tree).

Present. You will find the Sightmaster, who is a character from the start of the first game. I don’t think you can get anything from him, but the game does note at the end whether or not you came across him. He kills himself when you leave.

Past. You will find a young tree. Attempt to climb it and it will break, leaving you with a + Branch. If you have the hewing axe (I think), you can whittle it into a + Staff of Oak Sapling.

Medicine Woman Hut (Past) / Yb’ran, God of Gods (Present) Island — The island with the hut has the Medicine Woman and Yb’ran depending on past/present.

Medicine Woman – She wants you to drink her potion. By asking her about the ingredients, you can change what’s in it. If you want the potion to be good for you, ask her about the [xxx] (they’re bad, take it out) and the bugs (they’re good, put in extra). That potion will be good (+ Stamina), and you’ll want to eat leaves after.

Yb’ran, God of Gods. Mess around with the idol you find on the island in present-day if you want this god. You can convert, but he’s a local god and will disappear as you head out on Xamen Road. To convert, say “I do” regarding wanting to convert, offer him nothing, and then say “I do” to the rest of his questions. He will ask you if you want to convert at this point, but even if you say no, he will become your deity.

Time Serpent Island — Come here to kill the Time Serpent (unless you’ve already done it). See below (Defeating the Seven Serpents) for instructions on how to kill this guy.

The Shore/The Statues on the Shore The shore is only accessible in the past (otherwise you have to swim because it’s too rocky .) You can also cast ZEN to get to it, but won’t be able to get back to your boat. In between the toes of the statues, there’s a Blue Crystal you can use to teleport. You can gather some + Sand from the ground.

Defeating the Seven Serpents

Moon Serpent

  • Location: On the ridge at the left side of the big bridge.  If you at the Tinpang Tower/Beacon and haven’t met up with him yet by then, he will appear there instead. 
  • Weakness: Fire.  Hurling any sort of fire at it will hurt it, lighting the tinderbox, etc. You can also cast HOT and throw a fireball to weaken it and then finish it off. You receive a + Crystal Orb after killing the Moon Serpent (or I think something else if you already have it).

Serpent of Fire

  • Location: Usually in Upper Ishtara or the forest. This guy is hunting you though, so it can appear somewhat randomly.
  • Weakness: Sand. Just toss sand at it to weaken it. If it’s in the forest, you may need to climb up a tree and toss it. Then, toss more sand or finish him off with your sword. 

Sun Serpent

  • Location: Get him from Fenestra the Sorceress in the forest. He’s located in an Orb. 
  • Weakness: Water. Drop him in any body of water to weaken him or toss a gourd of water at him. Also, you can toss him into the mouth of the Water Serpent (see below). 

Water Serpent

  • Location: Somewhere on Lake Ilklala. Note that you are warned that “If you must encounter him, I fear the only way would be to swim until he senses your tiredness” — some people have reported taking a while to get him to show up. (Anyone have a solution for this?) You will be on a boat most likely when he shows up, so if you are, investigate the bubbles and then row/move away or else you will end up with a hole in your boat. 
  • Weakness: Oil, though the easiest way to deal with both him is to toss the Sun Serpent Orb in his mouth. You’ll still have to battle the Sun Serpent, but he’ll be very weak. 

Air Serpent

  • Location: He’s the ferryman on Lake Ilklala. The hut you pass by with the skeleton pinned above the doorway is the ferryman who has been killed by the Air Serpent for his body. He’ll reveal himself at some point as you are riding along. 
  • Weakness: His husk. He needs a husk to survive. Grab his husk after he sheds it to become his Serpent form and tear it to pieces. 
    • (Alternatively, you can cast HOT and throw a fireball into the bushes right after you blow the whistle to call him. However, if you do that, you won’t end up with a boat to carry you over the lake.)

Earth Serpent

  • Location: In the pit/fissure near the Ferryman’s Hut; you don’t need to jump in, the stones will attack you.  If you’re having difficulty getting him to appear, try resting in the area. I also had a problem one time when I walked up to it and then ended up moving away from him; in that case I ended up just having to rewind since apparently he doesn’t like to show up twice. 
  • Weakness: Air; Cast SSS, then HUF (requires the Galehorn) and then strangle it. Don’t let it land. You get + Stone Dust after you kill this guy. 

Serpent of Time

  • Weakness: Time (the Beacons).
  • Location: The Serpent of the Time can be defeated in two ways, depending on where he is before you kill him. 
    • At the Circle of Stone Ruins (the Seven Spirits). This only works if you have not gone through the Ritual/Chant with the Seven Spirits. When you are beckoned by the Seven Spirits, you need to cast two spells at very specific times. At all other times, you will either be physically unable to do so, or there will be no stars. First, tell them to Tell me the chant, and cast MAG after they tell you the first line of the Chant instead of repeating it. Then, when you have the opportunity, cast either JIG or FIX something else to kill it.
      • Note that if you kill the Time Serpent this way, you will need to use the Snatta Forest Beacon in order to get into the Steppes beacon.
    • On Lake Ilklala (on the grey, empty island to the bottom left). You get this hint from the Marsh Goblins if you cast RAP and demand their note. But basically, you need three beacons to be cast on the Island so that you can attack him. If you use four beacons, he will be dead upon arrival.

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