Sorcery! by Inkle Guide and Walkthrough

This is a guide for Sorcery! by Inkle. The entire guide is pretty much just spoilers, so don’t read anything if that’s not what you want.  Seriously, I make zero attempt to not spoil anything, including referencing if items/interactions are useful in the next games, so proceed with caution. This guide contains the following:

  1. Map of Shamutanti Hills
  2. Items and Interactions
  3. Path Options (Choosing a Path)
  4. Solving the Inkle Challenges 

Map of Shamutanti Hills

(To be posted)

Items and Interactions in Sorcery!

These are presented somewhat linearly. It does not contain a description of everything in the game, but most of it and mostly definitely the important stuff.

Cutting through the fields — once you cross the Cantopani Gate, you can cut through the fields. This is pretty useless and you can get captured and you’ll miss out on visiting stuff.

Cantopani The first town you come across is Cantopani. You have the option of avoiding it, but I really would not recommend that since you’ll miss out on getting equipment.  You can only choose one of these. Your options:

The Storage House. You can buy stuff here. + Bag of Teeth (10 teeth for 3 gold!), + Blimberry Juice, + Bamboo Pipe (3 gold, needed to cast JIG which is extremely useful), + Axe (haggle to get it for 5 gold), and a + Broadsword (+2). Do not buy the + Dragon’s Tears as it is a block of ice and will melt into nothing.

The Bag of Teeth. Contains 3 Ape Teeth, 4 Goblin Teeth, 2 Snattacat teeth, 1 Giant’s Tooth. You will be able to use these in the third game or sell them for a pretty hefty amount of gold.

The Axe. “This axe was crafted in the Year of the Ox for Glandragor the Protector. It powers may be realised only by its owner.” You can use the axe when fighting the Golem that Alianna attacks you with. Moreover, Glandragor is the barkeep at the tavern in Barritanti (the town next to the waterfall). Returning it to him will result in getting a free ale and free pass to the Crystal Waterfall (otherwise 2 gold), plus he will give you information about Kharé if you tell him you’e headed there which will affect some dialogue options, etc. in Sorcery 2! 

The Inn. Pay for food or just take it. Don’t seem to be any consequences for taking it.

Daddy-Ley —  If you avoid Cantopani at the very beginning of the game, you can inspect the caves and learn the TOP spell. The TOP spell requires a strand of hair, which transforms into a way out of the caves. At the end of the game, you will receive the note that you have solved the riddle of Daddy-Ley. If you do this, you will not be able to visit Cantopani. There does not seem to be any other use for the TOP spell.

Man in a Tree / Fork in the Road — At the first fork in the road after Cantopani, you can stop and Look Around. There is a man in the tree. If you help him get down, he will give you + Spellbook Page that you can give to the witch above the waterfall (Gaza Moon) in order to get rid of Jann the Minimite.  You will also hear buzzing, which you can investigate. You will get + Ration and + Beeswax (used for the RAZ spell, which temporarily sharpens your weapon’s blade). (Others have suggested that this guy may be the Analander that was sent in before but hasn’t returned yet and was transformed (by the aging curse).

Schanker Mines  You can defeat the Ogres here and obtain the following: + 2 Emeralds (can be sold at the end of the game), + Silver Key, and (if you push forward when the ceiling caves) + Borrinskin Boots. 

Elvin Village —  If you take the left fork at the place where you meet the man in the tree, you can proceed up to the Elvin Village. In the huts, you can get the following:

Red Hut. Cast MAG to protect from magic in here, otherwise a spirit will pop out and curse you. There are two boxes. One has a + Rusty Key. The other has gold coins but you’ll get injured a lot trying to get them.  There may be a way to prevent this, not sure.

Green Hut. It’s a trap, unless you cast JIG to prevent it, in which case you get some healing (+ Stamina)

Brown Hut. By fighting the wolf, you get a + Jewel-Studded Collar, which can be crafted (for some gold) into a Jewel-Studded Medallion in the Baklands (Sorcery 3!)

Forested Road / Locket — If you go towards the Elvin Village but go around it through the forested path and through the grass, you will end up finding a + Locket. You will get some gold, but one of your items will be missing.

Bridge-Toll Man — The small bridge directly to the left of Kristatani Village has a guy who asks you for one gold piece as toll payment. If you meet up with him you get free food and a room in the village (Kristatani).

Headhunter Village — There’s two ways to get to the Headhunter Village right above the Simsosa River, a bridge to the left and one to the right. You want to take the left path, as the bridge won’t break and you can pick a + Red Flower. No idea what this does as of yet.

Kristatanti Village No matter what path you take, you will end up here.  Mostly, you talk to an old man. If you tell him “not if I can help it” when he talks about the Crown, he will offer to buy your drink. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay 1 gold for it. He will give you + Ration in the form of a bomba fruit. You can sleep at the inn (and pay) or sleep outside; if you met the Bridge-Toll Man, you can sleep and eat for free.

Between the Buildings / The Blind Beggar   You will meet a blind beggar. Give him a gold coin and receive a + Gold Key. The key is used in the second game and can open the Red-Eye prison cell. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but is still helpful.

Lia-Ki Ruins / Tauser Ridge Caves  Going through the ruins, I did not find anything. You head down this path to reach the caves.  In one cave you get + 2 Giants Teeth and + Giant Net. In the other, you can get either + Giant’s Tongue or another + Giant’s Tooth. You also get + Ration and + 8 Gold.

Note that in Sorcery 2! you can find a cracked gold-backed mirror (at the shed outside Lorag’s Mansion), which you can fix with glue or the giant’s net in order to get a + Gold-Backed Mirror.

Meddiki Forest / Alianna — Going into the forest, you’ll find Alianna’s hut and she will ask to be released. Use DOP, or if you have the axe, you can use that to break the lock without dulling your main weapon. She’ll offer you a reward and a little gold if you release her (but she’ll attack you afterwards either way unless you “share food with her“):

If you choose “magic,” you get + Noseplugs which you need in order to cast NIF if you want to cross the Black Lotus fields later in the game. You also get + Vial of Glue (needed for the glue spell) and + 4 Pebbles (needed for the POP spell).

Note that in Sorcery 2! you can find a cracked gold-backed mirror (at the shed outside Lorag’s Mansion), which you can fix with glue or the giant’s net in order to get a + Gold-Backed Mirror.

If you choose “combat,” you get + Ragnarista’s Armband of Swordmastery (+2).

Dhumpus — In Dhumpus, you have a few options of what to do. If you first explore the town without asking for work, and then visit the tavern, and finally check out the inn then you can visit all three:

Explore the town. You can buy + Long Sword (+2), + Skullcap (used for the TEL mindreading spell), and + 3 Rations (for 6 gold). You can also ask for work (cast BIG to make it go faster) for 3 gold, plus room and board, but then the night it over and you leave the city.

Visit the Tavern. You talk to some people. (You can kill them if you want, but I have yet to see what good that does) I’m not sure what effect this has, I usually go with telling them to defend Kristatanti because it will put them in their debt. Then I tell them that I will defend people who need it.

Stay at the Inn. There’s an inn. Food and rooms.

Urrustanti (the Plague Village) — The residents here have the plague. In order to be able to cure them, you need to look around enough to figure it out. If you visit a hut and you have Blimberry Juice on you, you can DOC (heals disease) them, to cure that hut, but more importantly, when you visit the Crystal Waterfall and think to yourself that “this water heals diseases?”, you can head back and eventually send Jann to help the village. (See or CTRL+F “Crystal Waterfall“).

Jaiker Mines  — You can pick up some + Pebbles here. As far as I know, there’s no way to defeat whatever’s inside that mine. Just turn around and climb up. Don’t forget to check the hut up there for 3 gold.

Bridge of Vancass  —  You’ll meet Vancass, the Bridge-Keeper here. I don’t think you can avoid answering his questions, unless you avoid the bridge altogether. He wants the name of the trapped witch (Alianna) and the names of the cities in the order you visited them (Cantopani, Kristatanti, Dhumpus). Note that he will tell you a poem which will tell you which way to turn (either left or right) in the Manticore maze to avoid the traps.

Birrianti and the Crystal Waterfall  — No matter what path you take, you will come across this village. There’s an expensive inn (food/room). Explore further to see the Waterfall. Don’t try to rescue the woman at the festival.

Tavern. Notably, you can return the Axe, if you have it, to its rightful owner, Glandragor. Returning it to him will result in getting a free ale and free pass to the Crystal Waterfall (otherwise it’s 2 gold), plus he will give you information about Kharé if you tell him you’e headed there which will affect some dialogue options, etc. in Sorcery 2! 

Crystal Waterfall. This place will heal you. Additionally, if you noticed that Urrustanti had the plague before, you will be able to think to yourself “Wait…this place heals diseases?” to be able to cure them. You can head back or ask someone else to. Both the Ruffian and Glandragor will first say no, then do it if he sees you’re going to try to do it yourself. But no matter what, if you decide to head back or send someone else, Jann will depart to cure the village.

Flanker the Assassin — If you kill him, you get a measly 3 gold pieces. If you help him, you get a friend for the rest of your journey! He comes back in the next two games for sure (and most likely the last one as well).

Sorcery 2! He will take you to the council. Don’t think you can get in otherwise.

Sorcery 3! He gives you a gift at the end, an + Assassin’s Sword (+4). Or you can kill him and get it when you see him.

Gaza Moon — She is a witch who lives in a hut above the Crystal Waterfall. She will offer you tea — don’t switch the cups, as she’s counting on you to do it to be poisoned. If you got the spell page from the man who was stuck in the tree (CTRL+F “Spellbook Page“), she can get rid of Jann for you. (You can’t cast magic while Jann is around. On the other hand, Jann seems pretty nice so it’s kind of mean.)

The Black Lotus Fields — You need to cast NIF (with the noseplugs) to survive here. You get these from Alianna if you choose “magic” when you rescue her. You don’t get anything here.

The Svinns of Torrepani – You’ll get captured, but they’ll give you a free meal when you wake up. However, then it’s off to defeat the Manticore. You will be rewarded well for defeating it. If you want to avoid the Manticore, you will need to escape successfully. To do this, when you reach the “Crack in the Ground“, try to Escape, go (1) left and then (2) right and then (3) straight.

In the Manticore Maze. In the maze, you will need to take either all left or all rights to avoid falling into the traps.  Which way it is depends on what Vancass said to you (either left or right).  Note that all the traps are escapable, so if you’re not sure, it’s okay. As for the Manticore himself, Jann will run away before you enter if he’s still with you at this point, and you can defeat the Manticore pretty easily by casing FOF (when you “defend” you take 0 damage so you can hit him when you have more strength).

Path Options (Choosing a Path)

This installment of the game is the shortest and most linear, as compared to the other parts. As such there’s really only a few meaningful difficult choices in terms of which path to take. For each of these decisions, you can only choose one. I’ve asterisked [*] the path I would personally recommend if there is one, but some of it is a toss-up, especially when we don’t know what’s in store for Sorcery 4!:

Decision 1. Cantopani vs Daddy-Ley (cutting through the long grass is pretty useless)

* Cantopani, you can buy equipment you won’t get elsewhere. Notably, the flute for casting JIG is cheap and can come in handy a lot. Unless it turns out that the TOP spell or having solved the riddle has some special usage in Sorcery 4, this is probably objectively the better path.

Daddu-Ley is the only place you can learn the TOP spell. Does not seem to have a use yet as of Sorcery 3!, but who knows for part 4.

Don’t forget to check the tree for the old man with the spell pages and the beeswax! 

Decision 2. Schanker Mines vs. Elvin Village vs. Headhunter Village vs. Forested Road

This is a somewhat harder decision, I think, maybe the hardest. Mostly because it’s unclear what (whether or if) some of the stuff does as of yet. You will only be able to do one of these four places:

The Schanker Mines is the only place you can get both the + Silver Key and the + Borrinkin Boots. You also get emeralds which you can sell for a decent price at the end of the game. (Does anyone know what boots are used for?)

The Elvin Village is where you find the + Jewel-Studded Collar which can later be crafted into a Jewel-Studded Medallion in the Klattamen Village in the Baklands (Sorcery 3!). Also, you get the + Rusty Key here.

The Forested Road is where you get the + Locket. You will lose one item (mine was always my main weapon), but find 12 gold. You’ll be able to buy a new weapon in Dhumpus. Note that it’s possible to get this locket in Sorcery 2! It is located on a river bank after you travel through the well.

The Headhunter Village is probably the worst of the three, since you mostly get captured and have to find a way out. If you go towards it on the left path you get the + Red Flower, which does not seem to have a use yet. Unless it turns out it is really important for something in the last game, this i probably the least compelling option of the three.

If you go down either the Elvin Village or Forested Road paths, you will come across a the bridge-keeper. You don’t have to pay him though. Does not seem to have any consequences.

After this point, you will get to Kristatani Village no matter which path you take. From there, always go Between the Buildings (you will be able to get to the next decision either way) to meet the Blind Beggar to get the + Gold Key.

Decision 3. Lia-Ki Ruins and Tauser Ridge Caves vs. Meddiki Forest and Alianna

In the Lia-Ki Ruins and Caves, you get some loot, + 2 Giants Teeth and + Giant Net, + Ration and + 8 GoldAdditionally, you get either + Giant’s Tongue or another + Giant’s Tooth.

* In the Meddiki Forest and meeting Alianna, if you choose “magic” when she asks you what reward you want, you can get + Noseplugs which you need in order to cast NIF if you want to cross the Black Lotus fields later in the game. You also get + Vial of Glue (needed for the glue spell) and + 4 Pebbles (needed for the POP spell). Note that in Sorcery 2! you can find a cracked gold-backed mirror (at the shed outside Lorag’s Mansion), which you can fix with the glue in order to get a + Gold-Backed Mirror. Alternatively, you can get + Ragnarista’s Armband of Swordmastery (+2) if you choose “combat” instead.  She gives you a little gold, too.

With either path, you will end up in Dhumpus and then you should check out Urrustanti (the Plague Village). From there, head up and watch the Plague Village, but then turn back (don’t forget to Look Back so that you can cure them later). (Don’t go straight through the village because you’ll skip the next part, which is not a huge deal but there’s no benefit.)

Decision 4. Bridge of Vancass vs. the Jaiker Mines

To get to the Bridge of Vancass, go towards the bridge. You’ll meet Vancasss here. You get nothing going this route.

To get to the Jaiker Mines, go on the lower path. You’ll pick up + 3 Pebbles heading up to the mines.

With either option, you’ll end up in Birritanti and the Waterfall. This isn’t really a make-or-break decision, I don’t think. Vancass is a character that reoccurs so it might be worth meeting him.

Decision 5. The Black Lotus Fields vs. Gaza Moon the Witch

The Black Lotus Fields are only accessible (without dying) if you got the noseplugs and are able to get rid of Jann (CTRL+F “Black Lotus” for a more detailed description). So, depending on your path this may not even be an option. You get nothing for going this way.

* Gaza Moon the Witch will get rid of Jann for you if you haven’t already done that. Don’t switch the cups. Most importantly, you come across Flanker going this way — don’t kill him and be sure to help bind his wounds since he is very useful in the next cities. (CTRL + F “Flanker“).

That’s it! You’ll cross through Torrepani, the Svinn Village, and kill the Manticore or you can try to escape the Svinns, but these aren’t really either-or decisions as much. How your path decisions play out remains  be seen in Sorcery 4!  🙂


Solving the Inkle Challenges

  • Survived the fields of the Black Lotus?
    • To survive the fields, you first need the get noseplugs. You can get these from Alianna (the witch). Choose the “magic” option when she asks you what reward you want for setting her free.
    • Additionally, you will need to be able to cast spells, which you can’t do if Jann is with you. Therefore, you need to get rid of him before then by going to the Crystal Waterfall in Birrianti, think to yourself that “this water heals diseases?” and turn back to help the village. Jann will volunteer to go instead, and you’ll be free to explore the Black Lotus fields without, you know, dying.  (You can send someone else but the result will be the same.)
    • Cast NIF when you are in the fields.
  • Met a man with an identical twin?
    • The bridge-keeper and the inn-keeper in the following town (Kristatanti) are identical twins. If you meet both of them, you will get a free meal and free room for the night. To take this path, you will have to head toward the Elvin Village and either visit it or the Forested Road next to it in order to end up at the right bridge.
  • Been eaten to death by bats?
    • If you ignore Vancass try to cross the bridge, you’ll have to go back and visit his hut. If you still refuse to answer his questions and try to get in his hut, you’ll get stuck and eaten by bats! Congrats! You are a true warrior.
  • Collected 5 Giant’s teeth?
    • + 1 Giant’s Tooth in the leather bag in the store at Cantopani
    • + 4 Giant’s Teeth in the caves just past the Lia-Ki ruins
  • Collected more than seventy Gold Pieces?
    • If you’re trying to collect as much gold as possible, be sure to visit the mines and get the emeralds so you can sell them for gold at the end of the game.
  • Killed Jann the Minimite?
    • To get rid of Jann the Minimite, you need to have the pest control spell cast. To do this, you need to help the man out of the tree (right after Cantopani towards the beginning of the game). He will give you the spell page. When you go to visit the witch above the waterfall (don’t switch the tea cups or you’ll be poisioned!), she will ask for the spell page and she can cast the pest control spell. You cannot cast spells while Jann is around.
  • Solved the riddle of Daddu-Ley?
    • If you avoid Cantopani at the very beginning of the game, you can inspect the caves and learn the TOP spell. The TOP spell requires a strand of hair, which transforms into a way out of the caves. At the end of the game, you will receive the note that you have solved the riddle of Daddy-Ley. If you do this, you will not be able to visit Cantopani.
  • Been cursed by a spirit?
    • In the Red Hut in the Elvin village, there are two boxes you can open. In one of there, there is a spirit that will curse you (unless you had cast MAG before).
  • Set off, and survived, all three traps in the Manticore’s maze in a single run?
    • From Vancass: “Beware of the lair of the cave-demon’s maze… / For traps as deadly as Medusa’s gaze / Greet those, with the most diresome plight, / Who turn down paths not to the right.‘”
      • Taking any “RIGHT” turn will result in falling into the traps
      • For the Snake Pit, you can cast LAW to get out.
      • For the Boulder, use WAL to stop it.
      • For the Water, cast FOF to survive.
  • Completed the game without a single fight (except for the tutorial sparring match)?
    • I haven’t tried this — not sleeping outside will help. Also, note the part in the tutorial on how to escape the Manticore.

49 thoughts on “Sorcery! by Inkle Guide and Walkthrough

  1. Three traps in the Manticore’s Maze
    Use WAL to stop the boulder.
    Use LAW to charm the snakes.
    Use FOF to stop the water.


  2. I think the cursing spirit is the one who in the Red Hut of Elvin Village. When you open the one of the two boxes, the spirits appears and curse you if you didn’t cast right protect spell.

    Anyways, thank you for the very through guide. it has been great help. 🙂


  3. SORCERY 1 – If you get rid of Jann you can kill the Manticore pretty easy. Cast FOF and when you “defend” you take 0 damage so you can stick when you have more strength and kill him with 0 stamina lost (done it this way everytime and it works). Also if you stay to the left each time in the cave you avoid all traps.


  4. BTW I noticed some items you get in Sorcery 2 change based on what you got in Sorcery 1. In the Chainmakers hut, if you look by the door, he has a copper key, but if already got that in 1, he has glue….both helpful.

    Also if you get the flute, you can use jig to avoid most conflicts. Combine with LAW and you can avoid many fight (not sure if you avoid all since I haqve yet to avoid killing the Manticore since I like the spoils too much).


  5. Oh and the locket you get in Sorcery 1 can also be gotten in 2 (if you didn’t gt it in 1) It is on the river bank after you travel through the well. Not sure if there are others ways to get it.


    1. You can also get later on in 2 by fighting a werid scarecrow and you can get a golden back mirror and tinderbox in Sorcery!2 at the weird soup kitchen that has the squid jelly headed guy that calls your hero captain is use the dim spell you can also get a clue on theetah


  6. The safe turns in the Manticore’s maze are either all left or all right. The last two lines of Vancass’ poem adjust accordingly:

    “Greet travelers, of luck bereft / Who turn down paths not to the left.”

    If you bypass Vancass, try one way or the other, and if you don’t see two stones piled together, go the other way.


  7. I am not completely sure, but the witch will not attack you if you choose these options in order at her hut
    >Knock on door
    >Scout around
    >Open door
    >Call Out
    >Locate Speaker
    >Get her out
    >Use DOP


    1. I tried the option if she can feed me. Alianna replied no food available. And tried to offer my food with Alianna. She gave gold then whisper that “I chose not to kill you….” after that time to leave her hut.


  8. A weird thing just happened to me in Sorcery 3 where I found Borrinskin Boots at one of the random item locations. That makes me wonder if they might be helpful in Sorcery 4.


  9. You can get the flute for JIG in the pilfergrass as well as the locket (choose to leave your pack behind and search for longer).


  10. How to kill the manticore without fight it:

    This is what i did,
    Cast spell 3 times,
    The first can be ZIP,
    The second can be HOT,
    But the third has to be POP
    The you will be asked to cast another POP
    After we cast another POP, we can choose to kill the beast and we will kill it automatically without fight


  11. At the Schanker Mines there’s also the option to collect 12 goblin teeth, if you pick a fight with the goblins outside. You lose the chance to get the emeralds and the borrinskin boots that way.


  12. If you have the noseplugs, you do not need to be rid of Jann to cross the Black Lotus fields. When you decide to walk through them you will be given to a choice to use the noseplugs without actually having to cast NIF. Since it is the smell of the Lotuses that is dangerous you will be fine. Jann however, will succumb and dive off into the flowers thereby ending your “partnership”. DO NOT go after him or the noseplugs will fall off and be lost while you search for him and you will share his fate.


  13. When choosing between the Jaiker Mines or Vancass’ bridge consider this: If, as soon as you walk into the mine you cast HOT – in the light of the fireball you summon you will see the creature in the mine and be given the choice to hurl the fireball at it – doing some damage to it and escaping in the process. If you’ve done this – when you meet the manticore you will notice that one of its wings has been burned. Not sure how much, if any adjustment is made to the manticore’s hp as a result but there you have it. This path is hinted at as a result of adventuring at the Daddu Ley caves…


  14. When you first leave town, head to the tall grass and fight the snake. You can gather 3 coins (at the cost of one stamina) and still turn around and be able to go to the first village.

    Doing this, you can buy 6 provisions when you start, and still have enough to buy the bag, flute, juice, and axe.


  15. This is good stuff.

    To beat the Manticore you have to cast FOF, HOT and POP in that order, and I THINK you have to have already damaged it in the mines under the bridge with HOT (but Im not sure).

    Also I believe the ‘RIGHT’ path is to go into the goblin mines, but NOT go left (the silver key just opens the ogre door), but use magic to enter the Ogre door and magic to cast stupidity on him. That way you only get one emerald but don’t have to fight him.

    After this leave the mines and go to the bridge, but do not cross it and instead look for a ford where you can find the locket.

    What I don’t know is how you can beat the game without a single fight but still have Flanker in part 2. Maybe its impossible.


  16. You can get the red eye key from the beggar AND meet Alianna to get the stuff from her. When you’ve finished talking to the beggar, don’t explore the ruins, cut through the trees and you’ll be able to go to Aliannas hut.


  17. If you go between the buildings, get the key for the red eyes jail then cut through the trees, you can get the key AND go and meet Alianna.


  18. With the hut that you cast JIG a YOU can also c as SIX and it I’ll help TOP is useful if our go into the well that you see before you cross bridge in Sorcery!2 because of the brusted Damn


  19. I’ve been lucky enough to beta-test Sorcery! 4, which is being released on Sep 22. I’ve found myself revisiting the entire series because there are so many options in S4. I discovered another way to get the locket (which serves a purpose in S4, but is not essential) without taking the Forested Road. Go through the Schanker Mines, but just the first part where you get the emeralds. Leave the mines and you will come to a bridge. Instead of crossing it, take the option to go further down the bank. You will come to a set of stepping stones, and as you walk across you will find that the locket has washed up nearby.

    Regarding Daddu-Ley, there is a callback to this encounter in S4. I’d say it’s still up to personal preference whether you want the TOP spell (which can be cast in S4 whether or not you have “officially” learned it) or the items you can buy in Cantopani. If you happen to have cloud saves covering both options, try them out, but it’s probably not worth starting from scratch if you never went to Daddu-Ley.


  20. You can trick Alianna by casting the DOZ spell on her rather than freeing her. She will fall asleep and you can search her house to find a pouch of sand which is used for the mUD spell.


  21. That red flower use

    When you set free alianna and stuff you czn ask to be feed then she will say that she doesnt have any food then you can choose share your food with her then she will give you a bit of gold and you can give her the red flower for that gold as thanks she will put that flower inside a por of water or something then she will hug and give you a small kiss at your cheek then she will say that she is a witch and she has killed a good amount of men with her socery but he choose to let you go the end


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